Moved to Greater Love
Moved to Greater Love

Saturday, March 22

Today’s Grace

I ask for the grace to look back on the past two weeks and acknowledge, accept and savor the gifts God has given me.


Quieting myself, I become aware that I am in Your presence, O God.
I imagine You looking at me and me looking at You, loving me.

Loving God, open my eyes and ears to see where You have been with me
for these past two weeks.

As I reflect on this prayer experience, I realize that everything I have,
even myself, is a gift from You.

Let me allow You to bring to my awareness all that You want to show me.
For the times that were life-giving, I express my gratitude to You.

I am still learning to grow in Your love.
Forgive me for the times when I chose not to respond to Your invitations to love.

With gratitude to You, I ask for what I really want and need
as I move into the next phase of this prayer experience. Amen.

Reflection Questions

  1. When does gratitude come easily in my life?What evoked it for me over the past two weeks?
  2. When is gratitude difficult in my life?When did I sense resistance over the past two weeks?
  3. Can I ask for the grace to approach God and others with a greater sense of gratitude in the future?


Music: “At The Ivy Gate” by Brian Crain

Music: “Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major” byWolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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