Moved to Greater Love
Moved to Greater Love

Tuesday, April 1

Today's Grace

I pray for the grace to recognize the new waters that God is providing for me and the freedom to embrace the “new.”


From Sollicitudo omnium Ecclesiarum, Pope Pius VII’s bull that restored the Society of Jesus on August 7, 1814, after it had been suppressed by Pope Clement XIV 41 years earlier:

Day after day, by an almost unanimous consent of the Christian world, urgent and pressing petitions are coming to us from our venerable brother archbishops and bishops and from the ranks of outstanding persons and associations on behalf of this same Society of Jesus. This has been true especially since the news has spread abroad of the abundant fruits which this Society has gleaned in the regions of the world to which we have already referred. Fertile with increasing offspring it has been expected to cultivate widely and adorn the field of the Lord.

The very scattering of stones of the sanctuary on account of the recent troubles and calamities, (and it is easier to lament them than simply to call them to mind), the faltering discipline of the religious orders (the summit and splendor of religion and the Catholic Church) to whose renewal our thoughts and concerns are now directed, demand that we bestow our assent upon such just and general requests. For we would think ourselves guilty of a grave crime in the sight of the Lord, if amid such needs of the public weal we were to neglect to make use of the salutary aids which in his singular Providence God has supplied to us, and if we tossing and turning into the continuous whirlpools in which the bark of Peter finds itself, were to refuse the strong and expert oarsmen who offer themselves to us to break through the waves of the sea that every moment threatens us with shipwreck and destruction.

Reflection Questions

  1. With this declaration from Pope Pius VII, the Society of Jesus was “restored.” Two hundred years later, in what waters is “the bark of Peter,” i.e. the Church, floating? What are the signs of the times in your local manifestation of the Church?
  2. What needs to be suppressed? What needs to be restored?
  3. How can you, your community and your institution be a “strong and expert oarsman” guiding the Church through rough waters?
  4. What does it mean for us today that the Society, which outside the Russian Empire lost everything during the Suppression, was able to begin again without any resources? In addition, what might we learn from the attempts of the restored Society to be faithful to the Ignatian heritage in vastly changed circumstances? (Jesuit Father General Adolfo Nicolás’ question from a Nov. 14, 2013, letter to the whole Society of Jesus.)


Glory of Saint Ignatius
“Glory of Saint Ignatius”
by Andrea Pozzo, SJ, 1685

Year of Faith

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Other Resources

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Pope Francis in an interview with Antonio Spadaro, SJ, published September 30, 2013:

No, the Jesuit always thinks, again and again, looking at the horizon toward which he must go, with Christ at the center. This is his real strength. And that pushes the Society to be searching, creative and generous. So now, more than ever, the Society of Jesus must be contemplative in action, must live a profound closeness to the whole Church as both the “people of God” and “holy mother the hierarchical church.” This requires much humility, sacrifice and courage, especially when you are misunderstood or you are the subject of misunderstandings and slanders, but that is the most fruitful attitude.

by R.S. Thomas

The deception of platforms
where the arrivals and departures
coincide. And the smiles
on the faces of those welcoming

and bidding farewell are
to conceal the knowledge
that destinations are the familiarities
from which the traveler must set out.

Song: “We Can Build a Beautiful City” from “Godspell”

Song: “Drowned” by The Who (lyrics)

Song: “A Whole New World” from “Aladdin”

Document: Decree 13 of the Society of Jesus’ General Congregation 34 “Cooperation with Laity in Mission” (page 13)

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