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Province Twinnings
U.S. Jesuit provinces and their counterparts overseas often enter into agreements of cooperation or “twinnings” as they are called. These agreements are designed to build solidarity among Jesuits worldwide as well as to advance common goals of global mission.

Many of the relationships began during “missionary” times when U.S. Jesuit provinces first began reaching out to different countries. These days, interprovincial cooperation involves far fewer placements of North American Jesuits abroad. Instead, the cooperation builds on relationships that have proliferated between Jesuits in foreign lands and their U.S. counterparts.

Contemporary examples of interprovincial cooperation range from cultural exchanges and joint advocacy programs to financial support and academic training for international Jesuits at Jesuit colleges and universities in the United States. Listed below are the formal “twinning” relationships between U.S. and foreign provinces.


Portugal (for missions in Mozambique, Angola and Macao) (1980)
Uruguay (1986)


India: Patna (1928), Nepal (1928), Dehli (1928), Buxar
Peru (1980s)
East Africa


East Africa (1983)
Central America (1994)
Nepal/Dehli regions (1991)


Jamshedpur (1947)
Chile (1960)
Bolivia (1996)


Belize mission
Central America (1982)

New England

Near East (1969)
Brazil (1960s)

New Orleans

Sri Lanka (1946)
Central Brazil (1960s)
Paraguay (1960s)

New York

Indonesia (2000)
Micronesia (1949)
Nigeria (2005)
Poland (1998)
Antilles (2004)
Brazil (2005)


Colombia (2001)


Eastern Africa (1987)
Korea (1955)
Kohima (2002)
Ecuador (2005)

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