St. Robert Bellarmine Chapel was founded in 1927 at Xavier University to serve a neighborhood community in Cincinnati.
St. Robert Bellarmine Chapel
3800 Victory Pkwy
Cincinnati, OH 45207-1096

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St. Robert Bellarmine Chapel

Cincinnati, Ohio

St. Robert Bellarmine Chapel was founded in 1927 to serve the neighborhood community and to provide opportunity for priestly ministry for the Jesuits at Xavier University in Cincinnati. The worship space for the parish was in a university administrative building until the present chapel was built in 1962.

Today, St. Robert Bellarmine Parish is a congregation of about 720 households from many neighborhoods in the greater Cincinnati and northern Kentucky area. Parishioners are drawn to Bellarmine Chapel’s encouragement of lay ministry, active social concern and inspirational preaching. The parish is still staffed by members of the Jesuit Community at Xavier University.

Guided by Catholic social teaching and the Jesuit ideal of preferential love for the poor, Bellarmine Chapel works to promote justice in Cincinnati and the world. In this spirit many Bellarmine parishioners strive for and work actively toward an economy of community, conscience, solidarity and fairness that promotes human dignity.

The parish is proud of their connection to Christian ministries in developing countries and their membership in the Interfaith Hospitality Network, St. Vincent De Paul Society, Habitat for Humanity and other programs and projects.

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