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MAGIS 2016 will take place in the midst of the Holy Year of Mercy. Pope Francis announced the extraordinary jubilee, a Holy Year, to highlight the Catholic Church's "mission to be a witness of mercy.” He described the Holy Year as “[a] year in which to be touched by the Lord Jesus and to be transformed by his mercy, so that we may become witnesses to mercy.”

Poland is the Land of Divine Mercy, home to St. Faustina and St. John Paul II, and will be even more so during MAGIS and World Youth Day 2016. MAGIS 2016 is an opportunity for young adults to encounter Jesus’ mercy and be agents of that mercy in the world.

July 15-17, 2016 – Beginning of MAGIS 2016 in Lódz

You will start your MAGIS journey in Lódz, in central Poland, where Saint Faustina had her first visions in which Jesus asked her to spread the message of his Divine Mercy. Here, as a MAGIS participant, you will gather with pilgrims from all over the world for panel conversations, group faith sharing, city tours, recreation, meals, and prayer. While in Lódz, you will stay in university dorms. On July 16, Rev. Adolfo Nicolás S.J., Superior General of the Society of Jesus, will join us to celebrate Mass, after which you will be sent off to your Ignatian Experiments. 

July 17-23, 2016 – Ignatian Experiments

On July 17, you will join a group of around 25 other experimenters and travel to the venue of your assigned experiment. These will take place in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Lithuania. MAGIS offers different experiment categories to choose from, including Pilgrimage (e.g. hiking between two cities), Spirituality (prayer and learning about different traditions in Christian spirituality), Service (e.g. serving at a soup kitchen), Sociocultural (learning about local Polish traditions), and Artistic (e.g. writing, producing, and presenting a small theatre production). Whatever Experiment you are on, each day will include time for individual prayer, service, Mass, small group sharing, and an Ignatian Daily Examen (a personal reflection on the events of the day). The group dynamic is key to the experiments, and your group will consist of 25 pilgrims of diverse nationalities, a leader, and an assigned Jesuit priest who will watch over the course of the entire endeavor.

July 23-25, 2016 – MAGIS 2016 Wrap-up and Festival in Czestochowa

In Czestochowa, you will be reunited with the entire international community of MAGIS. You’ll have time to reflect upon your Ignatian Experiments, celebrate their fruits, and entrust them to Our Lady at Czestochowa’s famous shrine to the Black Madonna. One of the evenings will be devoted to a special Festival of Nations, featuring presentations of the culture, language and talents of pilgrims from every nationality participating in MAGIS. While in Czestochowa, you will once again be housed in university dorms.

July 26-31, 2016 – World Youth Day in Kraków

From Czestochowa, you will travel to Kraków with the U.S. MAGIS delegation to participate in the events of World Youth Day. While in Kraków, you will stay in simple accommodations (churches, schools, etc.) with the U.S. delegation.  At World Youth Day, you will join millions of other Catholic pilgrims for an opening Mass, catechesis, and a vigil and Mass with Pope Francis.  See the WYD schedule for more information. 

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